The AV Masters Music Experience

AV Masters has a team specifically built around live music events. We have been supporting concerts, festivals, bands, music producers, and live music venues for over 30 years. Today’s live music events are rich in quality sound reinforcement that rocks the audience, stunning lighting design creating a visual journey, and video wall systems displaying content that makes you feel like part of the experience no matter where you are sitting.

Choosing the right live music event production company is important to the success of your event. AV Masters has decades of experience in sound, lighting, video, staging, and power distribution. You will enjoy working with our dedicated and knowledgeable team of Project Managers and Event Technicians who are completely focused on the success of your event.

Why Are We The Best?

To staff a team of highly talented individuals that continually adapt and change with our industry and technology, who then place the vision, expectations, and goals of our customers as the ultimate priority.

As a company, we strive to offer solutions that meet our customers needs, provide transparent proposals and pricing, and place the outcome of our clients projects as the most important consideration.
To provide the highest level of service in our industry, remain completely accessible to our customers, take responsibility for our mistakes, and exceed the expectations through dedication and organized project management.
There’s nothing like the experience of attending a live music show when you hear crystal clear sound and heart pounding beats. With that said, nothing can ruin that experience worse than poor quality sound from an inexperienced producer. Successful sound design takes proper planning, quality equipment, and talented Engineers. AV Masters reputation as a leading producer of live music sound has been built on these fundamental values. We take the listener expectations seriously and strive to bring you the best possible music experience available. Do you demand the very best for your next music event or concert? Well you have come to the right place! Whether you show is at a small bar or a large concert venue, we have a solution that will make you sound awesome and rock your audience!
Some of the best advances in the live music industry have come from lighting technology. The tools, equipment, and talent you will find at AV Masters represent our commitment to our customers to stay at the forefront of lighting evolution. The static, motionless lighting designs of yesterday are gone, leaving a relentless pursuit of the ultimate light show that enhances your talent and entrances your audience. Our lighting Designers listen to your desires, and conceive some of the coolest ideas their creative minds can achieve. Bottom line is that we love lighting design, and believe that no one does it better. Can we prove it to you? We are excited to hear from you and start working on your next lighting design!
We have all built a healthy appreciation for the role video wall systems and displays play in entertainment. Live music events are no exception. In fact we believe that no matter the size of your next show, some level of video display support will prove to be just the need change you are looking for. Do you want to provide the best possible music show even for your audience in the farther seat? There’s a good chance that a well designed video system is the answer.

Day or night.. indoors or outside, AV Masters video design concepts will provide you multiple options to choose from. No cookie cutter packages here! We listen to your vision, design around your audience, and morph our system to the venue. Your event is outside during the light of day? Good news…we have daytime video systems for that too! You’ve got to see this! We are ready to build you some of the most visually stunning elements your live show has ever seen.

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